Easy Nikah Nama Translation Guide for the German Embassy

German Embassy Visa Application: Easy Nikah Nama Translation Guide for Pakistani Couples

Planning a visit to the German Embassy in Pakistan for a Blue Card work visa? If you're married, understanding the translation requirements for your Nikah Nama (marriage certificate) is crucial. This guide simplifies the process for you and your spouse.

Key Steps for Couples Applying for a Blue Card Work Visa:

  1. Separate Visa Applications: Both you and your spouse need to submit individual visa applications. For your spouse, the application falls under the 'family reunion visa' category. This dual-application process is often overlooked but is essential for a successful visa approval.

  2. Document Checklist Clarity: The family reunion visa requires adherence to a specific 2-page document checklist. Point 12 on this checklist pertains to your Nikah Nama. Don't worry about the format or certified translations; simply download the necessary information from the links provided in this post.

  3. Effortless Conversion to PDF: Struggling with converting your Nikah Nama images to PDF? Tinywow offers a seamless solution. This free online tool allows you to convert images to PDF format in just five seconds, streamlining your application process.

  4. Resources at Your Fingertips: To facilitate easy access, the English translation of the Nikah Nama required by the Embassy is available for download from multiple sources:

Pro Tip: In case of technical issues with the links, you can easily create a PDF. Download the Nikah Nama images provided and use Tinywow to convert them into a PDF in a flash.