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If you're planning to visit the German Embassy in Pakistan and require an English translation of the Nika Nama, here's some useful information to help you through the process.

If you are applying for a Blue Card work visa and are married, you may bring your spouse along to the appointment. However, you will need to fill out two separate visa applications: one for yourself and one for your spouse under the family reunion visa category. It's crucial to remember this as it is often overlooked.

For the family reunion visa, there is a 2-page document checklist that includes Point 12, which can be difficult to navigate. Fortunately, you can download a 2-page document that includes the required information using the links provided in this blog post. You don't need to worry about the format or whether you require certified English. You can fill out the form on your own, and there is no need for attestation or notarization.

If you have difficulty converting the Nika Nama images to a PDF, you can use Tinywow, a free online tool that makes it easy. Using this tool, you can convert your images to a PDF in just five seconds.

In summary, this blog post provides essential information for individuals who need an English translation of the Nika Nama for their appointment with the German Embassy in Pakistan. It includes links to download the required document and a free online tool to convert the images to a PDF, making the process easier for you.

This is the document that the above leaflet (in point 12) is referring to. Download the PDF from the links at the end.

I've uploaded the same file on a couple of different sites so that if any one of them is down, you can check the other link.




Pro tip: If nothing works, you can still make a pdf pretty easily. Just download the two Nikaah-naama images I attached above, go to this awesome ๐Ÿ’ฏ% free website called Tinywow & convert your images into a PDF within 5 seconds.