Ionic multiple same sided menus

An application can have multiple menus on the same side. In order to determine the menu to control, an id should be passed. In the example below, the menu with the authenticated id will be enabled, and the menu with the unauthenticated id will be disabled.

`<**ion-menu** id="***authenticated***" side="left" [content]="mycontent">  

    <**button menuClose ion-item \*ngFor="let *p* of pages" (click)="openPage(*p*)"**\>  
`<**ion-menu** id="***unauthenticated***" side="left" [content]="mycontent">put second menus code here</**ion-menu**>  
<**ion-nav** #mycontent [root]="rootPage"></**ion-nav**>  
//and call this method according to your logic  
enableAuthenticatedMenu() {  
  **this**.menuCtrl.enable(true, 'authenticated');  
  **this**.menuCtrl.enable(false, 'unauthenticated');  

Note: if an app only has one menu, there is no reason to pass an id.