How to convert your SIM network from Jazz to Zong

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This article is for you if you have a:

  • non-PTA iPhone

  • Jazz SIM - that you use primarily

  • Zong SIM - optional

I have been a Mobilink/Jazz user for years now & I use only 1 SIM. My iPhone is meant to be used for a couple of months so I don't have to register it with PTA. I thought it would be simple enough but it so happened that this iPhone won't pick up any Jazz SIMs. Now, I don't want a new SIM so I searched for an alternative & found out that you can get an eSIM for your primary Jazz contact number.

Disclaimer: An eSIM is basically the exact same thing as a standard SIM except that you don't need a physical SIM. Instead, the company gives you a code which you can scan & add it to your phone. Remember that not all phones support eSIM & not all networks offer eSIM. And, Jazz is one of those companies which offer it.

I went to Jazz franchise & they told me I have to convert my pre-paid SIM to post-paid & it would cost 2000 rupees, RS 1000 for the eSIM & RS 1000 security. The representative told me that there'll be two biometrics on two different days which was a deal breaker for me so I changed my plan & instead went to a Zong franchise & converted my SIM from Jazz to Zong. This is how it went:

  • I sent a message to 667 with the message MNP

  • I received a reply with some sensitive gibberish which I FORWARDED to 76313

After this, the representative wrote some numbers on a hand-sized machine & took my fingerprints. I paid him RS 200 & he handed me the SIM.
He also gave me these instructions:

  • The SIM will be converted within 24 hours

  • When the old Jazz SIM loses it's signal that means the Zong SIM is now ready.

  • When the new SIM have signals, I should dial *10# which would do some necessary things.

I hope this helps!